Election 2019: Envisioning 2023

Federal election 2019 coverage will include a weekly Q&A series in the Sherwood Park News Friday editions. This week's final question is about how the riding will be better off in 2023 if the candidates are elected. File Photo

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As part of the 2019 federal election coverage, the Sherwood Park News will ask five questions of Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan constituency candidates concerning a variety of issues. The question and answer series were printed in the past four Friday editions and this will be the last installment. 

This week’s question is: If elected, how will Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan riding residents be better off in 2023? For the Oct. 18 edition, candidates will run in order of last name from A-Z.

Garnett Genuis

Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan Conservative candidate Garnett Genuis.Photo Supplied

I hope to be elected as part of a Conservative government. If so, I will be able to deliver on our key commitments. We will repeal Liberal anti-energy bills like C-48 and C-69 and work to put in place a national energy corridor. This will mean significant growth in terms of jobs and opportunity for people in this community. Ours is the only party that will end the harm being done to our energy sector and instead work to enable its success.

An Andrew Scheer-led Conservative government will also take immediate steps to cut your taxes and make life more affordable. We will reduce the lowest marginal income tax rate from 15 per cent to 13.75 per cent saving every family hundreds of dollars. We will bring back tax credits for transit users and for parents who put their children in arts, fitness, and other educational programs. We will strengthen the Registered Educational Savings Program by increasing the government contribution from 20 per cent to 30 per cent. We will make parental and maternity leave payments tax-free. We will eliminate the carbon tax. Every family will be better off as a result.

At the local level, I will continue to provide a high standard of service to constituents – helping you interact with the federal government, responding to your concerns, returning your phone calls, hosting regular roundtables, and speaking in the House of Commons about the issues that you bring to my attention.

I have known and supported Andrew Scheer for a long time. He has visited our ridings many times over the last four years, and his positive vision will mean a lot for our prosperity and wellbeing right here in Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan. A Conservative government will live within its means and leave more money in your pocket so you can get ahead.


Patrick McElrea, VCP candidate

Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan Veterans Coalition Party of Canada candidate, Patrick McElrea.Photo Supplied

If I am elected you will have a voice in the Ottawa and I will represent your interests, as I will not be expected to vote the party line on all issues and would be able to follow my constituents’ concerns more readily. You can begin to benefit as we bring investment back into Canada. You’ll pay less taxes allowing you to be able to buy more and have more in the bank. Your kids will be able to join more clubs and sports with the children fitness credit back.
If you are a veteran you will have the pension that you invested in and won’t have it reduced by the CPP. Seniors will finally be able to enjoy their golden years as CPP will no longer be taxed, will be recalculated to reflect what it should be and it will be adjusted for inflation. Although healthcare is a provincially controlled program we will send the transfer payments for Healthcare to the Provinces without being held back to force Provinces to bend to federal wishes as they are now. We will also work with the provinces to improve the healthcare system.
We will revamp the equalization and recalculate it to be fairer to all provinces.
We will resolve the issues with the pipeline and get them built to move our product to foreign markets which will benefit all of Canada not just Alberta at the same time working with communities and the petrochemical industry to find solutions to the environmental concerns.
Indigenous people will have clean water, better education and better housing.
We’ll have more real jobs and Canadian businesses will flourish as we concentrate on helping them rather than foreign interests. The homeless will shrink dramatically as we work in our communities to help with funds that would have gone to other countries. Canada will be stronger, better and more prosperous.
Canada will earn its respect back in the global community.


Aidan Theroux, NDP candidate

Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan NDP candidate Aidan Theroux.

We are an industrial and economic hub for Canada, but we will only remain that way by remaining innovative and forward-thinking. Most major industrial leaders are doing just that, but the NDP is the only party that has embraced the coming changes and has a plan to take advantage of them. In this election, you have the choice of going with those who want to deny reality and hope against hope that we will see another oil and gas boom, or to face change and do something about it.
Here in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland we have always done more with our oil and gas resources than simply sell them raw at discount prices. We make products with our oil and gas, turning natural resources into fertilizer, plastics, and other chemicals. The changing nature of the world energy economy isn’t a threat to us, but a challenge and an opportunity.
But only if we do it right. If we plan for it. Only if we stop pretending things will be as they have always been.
Together we can elect a federal New Democratic government that will fight for workers rights and unions, create hundreds of thousands of renewable energy jobs in order to fight climate change and keep up with a transitioning global energy market, and expand our public healthcare system to cover pharmaceutical, hearing, dental, mental and ocular expenses.
I’m not afraid of the future. I’m looking forward to it. And I know the best way to get there is with the NDP plan.

Ron Thiering, Liberal candidate

Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan Liberal candidate Ron Thiering.Photo Supplied

Over the past few weeks, since the election campaign started, I have had lots of opportunities to talk to many Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan residents. I have heard lots of different concerns when talking to people at their doors, certainly, the downturn in the energy industry is very important to many people in this riding. However, I have also heard many other concerns including the environment, seniors issues and healthcare to name only a few which are on many people’s minds.

A balance between the environment and jobs and how we turn environmental choices into good economic sense. I have also heard a lot of misinformation about the Liberal Party’s stand on the energy industry. Certainly, the purchase of the Trans Mountain Pipeline, as well as investments in the Industrial Heartland, should prove that the Liberal Party supports the energy industry.

Seniors’ issues are extremely important. The Liberal Party is committed to increasing the Old Age Security by 10 per cent at the age of 75 add up to an additional $700 per year, as well increasing the CPP Survivor’s Benefit by 25 percent for up to an additional $2,000 when one loses their spouse. The Liberal party has also committed to spending over $11 billion dollars over the next 10 years to fund more home care services helping seniors stay independent and in their own homes longer.

Part of that $11 billion commitment will also help increase access to mental health services. The Liberal government has also committed to working with provinces in developing a universal pharmacare system to help control prescription drug prices.
After talking with many residents here I have come to the conclusion that there are as many different concerns as there are residents. Having lived most of my life here in Strathcona County I believe I could be a strong voice for the community. I believe it is important that Albertans have a strong Albertan voice within a Liberal government.


Laura Sanderson, Green candidate

Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan Green Party candidate, Laura Sanderson.Photo Supplied

When we look towards the future in 2023, we know that many technological advancements will be in place. Automation is coming in strong, and we need to protect the stability of income for our citizens. I will fight for strong supports to educate and transition our workforce to new technologies and industries, that will have available job growth.

I am a relentless fighter for the security and safety of those I represent. Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan needs a fighter to ensure its’ families are cared for as we move through these changing times.


Darren Villetard, PPC candidate

People’s Party of Canada Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan candidate, Darren Villetard. Photo Supplied

The PPC platform provides clear, practical, and common-sense solutions to ensure you will be better off in 2023. The PPC party is the only remaining fiscally conservative party, emphasizing: reducing personal, corporate, and farm taxes; eliminating barriers to interprovincial trade; taking real steps to build pipelines; and reducing equalization payments. All of these things will drive Alberta’s economy and ultimately put more money in your pockets, and the pockets of Canadians.

Beyond all of this, it is important that there be a real conservative voice in Ottawa that will champion the rights and ideals of regular Albertans, including veterans’ rights, gun ownership rights, and the elimination of government waste. The Liberal party has given up on Alberta. The Conservative party believes it can take your vote for granted, and so doesn’t really need to help you. The traditional parties have had their chance. The PPC platform is the only one that actually speaks to Alberta’s interests. While there has been an orchestrated campaign to discredit the platform, I encourage you to read it and judge for yourselves. Maxime Bernier is an experienced, former cabinet minister in the Conservative government who has routinely advocated for these changes.

The PPC doesn’t need a majority government to make real, practical change. It needs a strong voice in Parliament. If elected, I will do all I can to ensure that your voice is heard, and I will commit to emphasizing fiscal responsibility, personal freedom, and fairness for Albertans and all Canadians. Let me help hold the government to task and make sure that you truly are better off in 2023.